Friday, December 25, 2009

Xmas Babbling...

In no specific order and for no specific reason, I'm just spittin out random shyt that's been runnin through my head.

Eager for 2010, I just have a FEELING about it...weird cuz I'm never way excited abt the new year...

BBM is sucks at life....

I'm a fascinating chick truly...But I'm weird abt people, mad hard to explain. I'm, but not at the same time.

I have a big family but it feels like it's just me and my mom.

I've lost a couple good friends this year (they re not dead or anything we're just not tight anymore) and I'm ok with the natural order of things...Only actions i can control are my own...

I've had 3 diff dudes wanna marry me in '09...smdh. Lames. My "standards" are soooooooooooo....yeah. I have standards...high ones.

I drank Henn with my mom today in front of her fireplace and it was fab.

I'm biting my tongue alot less lately. It's both good and bad...bad for those who rub me the wrong way...good for my sanity.

I've painted my middle fingers silver as a form of silent protest...(yes bitch look at the SILVER nail!)

I'm obsessed with bangles, yet the sound of my own jangling today nearly drove me bananas...

"You are proof that God is good to man" is so far THE illest compliment Ive ever in life received...

"You're a PRETTY muthafucka" is by far the most "wtf" one ever tho ...

I'm slacking on my twitter..sometimes I feel like it's makin me dumber.

I'm DYING to just dress people for a living. Whatever direction the wind blows me I'll have to do something in which I can create.

My hands are blessed point blank.

I'm surrounded by too much talent to not be successful

Love is a 4 letter word...use with caution.

Elle and Evita are some INSPIRING chicks.

I cant decide if i like my hair better straight or curly.

I'm noticing true success is definitely fueled by who you know, more so than it is by raw talent...and that makes me a lil sad.

Sick of people biggin themselves up..Confidence is one thing, but if u are all u truly believe you are u don't have to broadcast it. Who u tryin to convince, me or u?

Refusing to buy myself a new purse til i can find one that screams "me". Eff a Louis, Gucci, Prada, etc etc etc...You look wack carryin that shyt if the rest of u is BEAT! Show me a bitch that can rock some shyt with no name in it and STILL make u ask her where she got it.

Second obsession to my bangles has become cocktail rings...

I TRULY enjoy buying stuff for other people even more than i do for myself.

I want to wax and then buff my entire body, so I'll be smooth and slick like a seal...lmaooooooooooo

I'm really only profane when I blog, weird the most i SAY is "damn, or hell".

I have like 4 diff types of alcohol in my fridge all at once. That's never happened b4

I want braces or veneers or something. I don't have buck teeth, but I want one of those perfectly straight white toothpaste chimerical smiles.

I HAVE to go to London in 2010.

I'm beginning to not like thongs at all anymore. I mean truthfully I don't wear underwear PERIOD if I'm home, but if i can help it when I'm out i def prefer boyshorts.

I'm very much pro comfort when it comes to everything i wear, but i'll sacrifice a pinky toe for some fire ass heels. I'm sorry it's a sickness...whats the pinky toe really doin anyway? Nothing...just hanging out.

I didn't like bright lipstick til i became a makeup artist...Well I'm kinda lying. I didnt like it on ME til i became a makeup artist. I swear I feel like some kind of ninjavampirevigilanteassasin when I wear my red lipstick.

I ADORE jazz.

My dream home is a brownstone.

Screw lingerie...sweatpants hair tied chillin with no makeup on...THAT'S when I'm the prettiest I hope that you don't take it wrong.

I got my sis and her chihuahua matching snuggies for xmas...don't judge me.

Shoooooooooooot IIIIII want a snuggie dammit.

Trying to figure out WHY my dog sheds but his hair's to short to be is that abt?

Def need 1 more tattoo (at least)

Theres a blessing in ever lesson real talk...

I hate when people say "real talk"

I buy earrings ALL the time but somehow I can never find the right pair when I need them.

Fool me once shame on u, fool me twice...(yeah its a wrap)

I'm VERY capable of forgiveness, but i NEVER forget. And no i don't think u need to forget in order to move on...

I LOVE the fact that people seem to think my eyelashes are fake, lmaoooooo

I dont listen to ALOT of rap, but i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE a good cypha.

If i had one talent it'd be to sing, and if i had one super power it'd be to either fly or be invisible at will.

i NEED to see the world. (just trying to figure out how to get paid to do it.)

I want the new bb, but i suffer from waiting til my current phone is on its last damn legs b4 i upgrade...what can i say I'm loyal. lol

I have NO desire to be one of those chicks that can actively participate in sports convo's, scream at the tv, etc etc...I'm sorry I just don't CARE that much.

My fave color combo is pink and black, but I own like ONE pink and black thing. I'm actually noticing i have alot of purple or red things...

Maybe i just like bright shyt period

Ok im babbled out...well maybe not. I'm SURE I could go

Maybe i'll continue later on.

Merry Christmas lovies...Deuces!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not Sexyy...

I AM a fan of this has nothing to do with his music, But i have a thing for nice lips. I can't help but notice a man's lips...I just really wish he'd not do that with his...Can someone tell him pls?

It's weird...makes me frown. :(

Um...Well Damn...

*Warning NSFW*

Umm....I guess I'm speechless...Clip from 50's new movie...Um...yeah...

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

....Ok 50, I see you. (Starts thinkin abut the last time I had a "shower scene". Thumb's up for necessary roughness :-)


When old school crushes...go terribly wrong...

I was once upon a time very much obsessed with Devante Swing...(dont judge me...) I even ran into him once on the street in manhattan and damn near lost it...(granted I was like 14) Anyhoo...

I just dont get HOW...u go from this level of fineness.. (in my pre-teen'd opinion at the time..)

to this...

I'm sorry..He looks like drugs. :(

Ok Kim...

ROFLMAOOOOO!!!! I'm sorry i had to post this.... *DEAD*

Tell em why U mad kim.... buhahahahahahahahhahahahahhaaaaa!!!

(Clikc the pic for full image)

Tatt tatt tatted up...

Ok so Rih-Rih has a new tatt...I'm very much feel in her style (as crazy as she may seem alot of the time..)

The new tatt is cute, and i def like the message...I'm already planning at least 1 or 2 more tatts before I'm totally done...And as with all my tatts I need to think them out, because they all MEAN something..I'm not one for rose, or bunny, or star tatts...(no offense to those who have those..)

I was initially gonna just post her NEW tatt, but I think I'm gonna go ahead and post ALL.

I'm not sure if i got ALL but I got all the ones i liked, lol...

and this is her newest one...

(it says "Never Failure, always a Lesson"... I'm feeling the statement. It's along her collar bone.

So yeah I'm craving a new tatt...


All tied up...

OK so my post about man bags went down in a resounding "NO" from blogger to facebook and back, lol...

So this week I'm posing a different men's fashion question for u...

Ladies and gentlemen...the bow tie! As was with the man bag, I've seen this look cute..(granted it's usually on gay men...especially since i live in Atl) Now I can't see MYSELF giving a dude in a bow tie the time of day...only because I feel like it's a sign of things to come relationship wise. I feel like we'd be in competition for mirror and bathroom time seriously! And there's noooooooo bigger turn off than a dude that's tryin to be prettier than ME...but I

We've seen Chris Brown, Pharrell, Fonsworth Bently etc etc do the bow tie...But truthfully celebs live by a different set of rules...

I'll post a few examples as usual for your viewing pleasure...But gimmie your feedback people...bowties...yay or nay!

I mean sure it's cute on some of them...but um...Can i date u with that around your neck? I dunnoooo man... I mean I'm ALL for a fashion forward guy. I'm BEYOND sick of the jeans , tee's, etc etc look on grown ass men...But I dunno...tell me what you think!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I been slackin hard! I'm sorry...I'll be back to blogging as usual I promise. Don't hate



OK so how are we feeling about the "man bag" "satchel", i dunno what to call a "man purse"?

Whatever you call it, I can't say I DISLIKE the look cuz truthfully I've seen it pulled off to perfection. Whether you admit it or not it takes a certain level of confidence/swag to pull of a "bag" as a man that's not a book bag/backpack or duffle bag. Maybe it's the confidence it takes to wear one of these that I find kinda sexy...hell I dunno...

But what's YOUR take on it?

To man purse, or not to man purse...THAT is the question... (and of course Ive included some images for your viewing pleasure, cast your votes!)