Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'd Rather go naked...

I've recently taken more notice of the PETA ads especially after the whole Khloe Kardashian ad.
And...I think alot of them are really beautiful...

So I just felt like posting some...


I could've been in love by now...

Solange did her thing on this one...It's different and I LOVE the story in the video. The ending made me smile for real....

it has me...


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cant wear skinny jeans...



Miss Key's jeans fit PERFECTLY (those Fendi slingbacks are fire too...)

And Miss Bey...

These are just EXAMPLES of the fit I'm lookin for...Now I'm not a BIG chick, nor am I stick slim...I have CURVES, and I'm pretty fond of my frame, (vain moment)

But apprently if I can get them to fit around my ass the legs arent quite tight enough...and when i find legs that fit i cant get them over my ass...SO WHATS THE DAMN DEAL?!

Is there some secret warehouse that celebs cop their jeans at to gain that perfect fit?!

Do they get ALL their shyt tailored?!

"sigh...I"m a frustrated shopper at the moment...

Anybody got some insight on this...hit me up PLS!


Monday, March 16, 2009

STILL a bad broad..

I'm not gonna comment...just like I HAVEN'T been commenting on the Rihanna and Chris drama...
The web's been FULL of "updates" and speculation...and at the end of the day

Ain't no one living her life FOR her...She's gonna do what she's gonna do and all the updates and opinions at the end of the day dont matter. So I'm keepin my thoughts on her perosnal life to myself...

Anyhoo, that's so nooooooooooooot what I'm posting about.

She's finally been spotted out and about and homegirl's fashion hasn't fallen off an INCH!

She was a bad broad before, and she's still a bad broad NOW...

From the jeans (Pratt) to the heels (Louboutin's) to the aviators , fly gloves and that DOPE ass fur jacket!!

Shes fresh to death, and causal as hell! I LOVE it.

Her style (stylist) is ALWAYS on it! And if anyone can tell me who makes that jacket ( although I'm POSITIVE I can't afford it) I'd appreciate it.


Friday, March 13, 2009


I'm a list-maker.

I'm good for ...writing (typing) things out, cuz it kinda clears space up in the cabeza for other shyt.

So I was thinkin and talkin today, and you know how your parents are always tellin you how "short" life is? Well I kinda feel like you've officially hit the point of being grown (logical) when you realize...They were RIGHT. Life is short. And at different points during my day today, I was thinking all kinds of stuff( when I should've been working).

Like...when I'm a grandma, what kinds of stories will I be able to tell my grand kids?
Where have I traveled to? Who have I met? What notable have I accomplished?

And I'm not saying I've done none of the above...I just wanna be able to say MORE.

I want to have one of those success stories like...."I remember when I used to mop up at my studio ( that I currently work at), and now I own my own!!" Or... "Now I do makeup around the world for celebrity clientele"

Everyone wants to be able to say they've seen their DREAM come to pass..."All that playin in my moms makeup and clothes paid off and now I'm a stylist/makeup artist"

Anyone that tells you they don't care what they do ...they just wanna get paid, Is a friggin liar...or just has no dream. Which is sad within itself.

You WANT to do what you love. It's an unexplainable feeling when you LOVE your JOB. Like...I'm don't what I'm passionate about and people are paying me for it! How bananas does that sound?

Look at Rachel Zoe, or Toni Acey, or Derek Blanks....You can't tell me that money can buy the feeling you get from doing what you LOVE to do.

I don't think you could PAY any one of them to walk away from fashion, makeup or photography for all the money in the world.

Life is 100% percent what you make it, and I feel like i need to be making much more of mine. I mean I don't feel like I'm WASTING it in the least...But I just know there's ...more.

So I've said in joking, or in passing to a few close friends. And I think I'm serious. I'm starting over...Starting from scratch.

The job/career
The finances
The home
...and all that is just the tip of the iceberg. But I"m up for the challenge. I'mma HAVE stories to tell dammit!!

It's time to prioritize and get things in ORDER, which will in turn get the ball rolling...

Any successful person can't TELL u a successful story...without mentioning the blood, sweat, tears and doors closed on them they had BEFORE they got to where they are today.

Ask Diddy, Ask Russell, Ask Oprah...

I don't need to be on CRIBS, or be un-realistically wealthy. All I want is success, and love/passion for what I do.

I see so many people with true raw TALENT , and because they don't know how to capitalize on it, or what to DO with goes to waste. I can't let that be me. I need a success story not...a coulda, shoulda, woulda story....

I don't wanna be able to say I wasted my youth, and If i could do it over....

I mean don't get me wrong ...there's ALWAYS something(s) you wish you could go back and do differently...But I don't want to say I need to re-live my live cuz I did it wrong the first go-round.

I'm just working on me right now. And I guess I don't have time for much else...

And for anyones feelings that get hurt...I make no apologies for being driven. That's just the truth...But I guess anyone I hold close to my heart will understand that.



You ever find that sometimes...the longer you look at something you realize that you don't really want/need it anymore....Men included....

I'm just sayin.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


One of those random things that makes me laugh my ASS off...buahahahahahhaa! (Don't judge me...)

Ok 'tarded moment over


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snap for the KIIIIDS...

...the hell...?!

This has nothing to do with gay, straight, bi , animal lover...whatever...

Someone needed to whoop his ass upon him leaving his house for this get up!

Real talk.



OK the "Single Ladies" routines that have taken over youtube have been REAL entertaining...I've had my fair share of giggles...and been kinda impressed...

But wrong on SO many levels...

A.These are lil BOYS
B. Who choreographed this?!
C. Who dressed them?
D. WHEEEEERE are there parents?!
E. They BETTER not be preforming this at a SCHOOL ( that's what it looks like...)

I think the Beyonce madness is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay outta control now...(although little dude in the orange shorts ISSSS kinda killin it...I'm just sayin...)


Monday, March 9, 2009

Mean Shoe Game...

"sigh...i could go on. I'm so destined to be paid so I can own some of these...



I HATE when niggas get too comfortable with u...


The end.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Want, Need, Love

Someone get me these please!

the pink ones. Thx!

The end.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

F*ckin Genius

So my Friend of a Friend Dre(peep his blog) posts alot more often than I do. And I used to think I posted alot. And I've come to the conclusion after his last post...That this dude is pretty damn smart.

His Love vs. Comfortable blog was on point...he hit the nail on the head. So I'm re-posting it here...All credit given to him. I changed's his actual post...

I think people confuse these two things, alot !!! I mean I am no expert, but I just feel like this is a topic that everyone has encountered. I guess everyone that gets involved a relationship hopes to fall in love with their partner, right ? Or might be in love already?? Or do we not do this anymore?? I'm asking because I am not sure myself anymore lol. Anyway, back to the topic......When people are in love with their partner, their intentions are to be happy. Happy in a sense that you are comfortable, but does it become a problem when you are just comfortable and not happy anymore? Are you still in love with this person??? Or are you just comfortable with this person? When you are in love with someone, you make sacrifices and go the extreme to make this person happy. When you are comfortable with a person, you do just enough to keep them from getting upset lmao. It might sound the same, but there is a difference. Love you try hard to do something to make them happy. Comfortable you do something just to keep them from being mad, but your intentions are not to make them happy, your just doing enough to get by. Well, thats my definition of it. (Damn, I just started thinking how this might stir up some problems in people's relationships after they read this, SMH, Oh well, what do I know right ??) Love is when you look at your partners face and it puts a smile on your face for no reason. Comfortable is when you look at your partners face and say to yourself, "If I wasn't with her/him, I would think shes/he cute" and then smile, because you feel you don't have to worry about that because you already got them. Love is when you leave your draws clean because you know your partner washes your clothes. Comfortable is when you leave tire tracks in your draws because you know your partner is cleaning your stuff and not you. Love is having sex with your partner whenever you feel like it. Comfortable is having sex with your partner whenever you feel like it. LOL, I know theres no change lmao. Love is thinking about each other throughout any circumstance. Comfortable is thinking about yourself first, and then hoping your partner is already taking care of themself, so you dont have to take care of it for them. Love is watching TV together at night even if you don't like the show they are watching. Comfortable is "I'll be in the other room watching my show, I'll come to bed when it's finished." Love is cooking for your partner before they get home. (This only applies to people that are home beofre their partner, I know people have jobs) Comfortable is "Oh I just thought you were gonna get something to eat on your way home." Love is thinking about just that 1 person. Comfortable is thinking about your options. Love is calling your partner just to say "HI". Comfortable is calling to ask "Where you at?" Love is buying something for your partner just because. Comfortable is buying them something on occasions. Love is not leaving that person because you Love them. Comfortable is not leaving that person because your comfortable with them. I sware there is a difference. Love is having trust in your partner. Comfortable is believing what you wanna believe, because you dont want to get mad thinking about the truth. You know what's crazy?? Is that some people prefer teh comfortable, they don't mind. Hey, if thats how you feeling, I ain't hating!!! Its a crazy world out there.....Love is Love and Comfortable is what some people think is Love, they just scared to find real love so they stcik with what they know.
- Another Blog post by yours truly: Andres Villacis, Holla !!!!

Things that make u go hmmm....

I'll definately be thinking on this one tonight. (Thanks Dre')


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kinda Dope!

OK so EVERYONE is buzzin abt Kanye's now Arm Candy/Girlfriend...Amber Rose.

So yeah she was a stripper, and she used to be a lesbian and blah blah blah..But Personally I like her style. I think shes kinda dope..And her body is the truth, lol. I'm not mad at Kanye...

Granted I liked her look before she cut her hair too...But it takes a bold broad to go bald and still be fly as hell...

You be the judge...

Pic found on The YBF

Her shoes are SICK!

Not so much But i love the red lipstick.

Definitely a bad bitch...dunno if her and Kanye will last , generally don't care. But shes cute!


Monday, March 2, 2009

No Ma'am!!

What in blue hell....? words...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Crush much?

Whens the last time you can say you had a bonifide crush? I mean that crush that makes u do the gayest Like go outta your way to walk by where you know they're gonna be just to see if they're there of if they'll see YOU? lol

Where if the phone rings and its them u try to let it ring a couple times so it wont seem like you re pressed, lol

Or when you know u wanna call them but u second guess"wait no..." let him call me". That high school bullshyt sucks! Lmaooooooooooooooo.

But when you start feeling someone like that again isn't it the worst how fluttery they can make u feel?


Gay moment over....