Thursday, February 26, 2009

When hot chicks...fall off...Episode 1.

I'm a loyal follower of The YBF, and just recently I was browsing the site...and...We'll im just gonna let the pics speak for themselves...

Now in case its not obvious...I"m referring to the lady on the..right. If she dosen't look familiar...maybe this will help...

No please don't get me wrong. Everyone gains weight, everyone gets older...

This is....just ..."sigh


I'm just...blown...

The end.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


OK so i been on this huge nail polish "thing" since i got rid of my acrylics. I'm LOVING my new shorter nails. Makes me wonder why I kept the acrylics so long...(Guess I was just used to them.)

Anyhoo...I'd been hearing abt Minx for close to a year now, but I, A. Assumed they were crazy expensive since it was initially a "celeb" thing... and B. Didn't quite know WHAT they were exactly. So the "Bran" is in town from LaLa land for a few days, and she told me she'd gotten her nails "Minxed" She came over last night and I got a look at them..I should've snapped a pic. I gotta admit they look pretty cool. And there began my

(You know we always gotta let someone else be the guinea

So apparently they're a "coating" for the nail...they require no drying time ( biggest selling point for me) And they just look dope as hell...Read about them here.

I like the look and they're only about $40. Dunno how long they last, but as fast as my nails grow my fill in's were getting kinda pricey anyway.

I wouldn't call this a every day thing...unless u just got it like that...I don't...(yet)

But every once in a while...Why not?!

Look kinda dope don't they?


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shame Shame SHAME on it all!!

OK this shyt made me wanna A. Slap the shyt outta him for being this good.... B. Made me think maybe my ass needs to step my game up, lol and C. That there are so many dudes MAD AS HELL that this nigga is this GOOD, buahahhahahaha!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finger tiiiiiips

OK so I recently got rid of my acrylic tips. I had them for a while...and yeah I know I know...they damage ur nails an ca-ca. Mine grow so fast I was needing a fill-in like all the time! plus I'm a makeup artist so they were slowly becoming more and more of an issue...but that's not the point of this.

My nails are short now, and I'm loving them. So now I'm exploring colors more. I paint my toes ALL the time, but with my tips i kept my nails clear.I loved the clean classic look of them. So now I'm ready to try some colors...right now they're black (surprise surprise...)

But these are some of the colors I'm dying for right now...

This yellow is REALLY cute to me...

My default of course...

And i think this is one of my new fav's...(once i see how it looks on my skin of course...)

There's one more from the M.A.C Heatherette collection I ADORE, but I cant find a good pic of it...

Oh well...Any color's u think I'm sleepin on, or may have missed...? I'm ready for nice weather, fabulous shoes and CUTE nails to match!


Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm on a boat vs. Boat's - N - Hoes


Lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (ok so i was bored, and these made me giggle...)


Thursday, February 12, 2009

My current weaknesses...

I need these on my feet...ALL of them...I DO Accept gifts :)


Monday, February 9, 2009

For the Love of RayJ...

OK so I think this show is a hot ass mess...But it's like a car accident...U just can't look

The girls are generally boring, corny, trying too hard, not that cute, etc etc...

But this girl is so dope to me...She's just got a different LOOK...I'm feelin her

He call's her "Danger" I dunno...I think it fits her...And that face tatt is killer,lol

He's wack (well he's wack anyway really..)If he doesn't pick her.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

He hit me with his love...

This is SO where I'm at right

There's no video for this song, but the lyrics are soooooo... (buahahahaa, why the hell am I smiling)

"Got me caught in a wreck I'm a mess..."




So yeah...I'm bored. And I saw this on someone else's blog ( i blog hop alot, so I can't remember who's)

But it's been done a million times Here goes 20 Random Facts About MEEEE!!!

1. I LOVE my feet, I dunno why. I dunno if they're cuter than anyone else's or what but I LOVE them.

2. My life has a soundtrack...I have a song for every moment, of every day, of my life...Every mood I get into , I can find a song that fits it.

3. I'm a HOPELESS romantic.

4. I second guess myself sometimes

5. I treat my puppy like he's my CHILD.

6. I LOVE my new york accent.

7. I can eat seafood, any day of the week day or night

8. I'm alot more into reality TV than I'm willing to admit...

9. I am an accessory junkie, I'll rock jeans and a wife beater and accessorize that shyt to PERFECTION!

10. My new favorite color is teal

11. I have 8 tattoos, soon to be 9...

12. I think I want to adopt a baby, rather than be pregnant for 9 months.

13. No one i know personally knows of this blog, I like the anonymity of it all...

14 . My favorite physical feature on myself is my eyes...on the opposite sex its the lips (muah!)

15. I've had several boyfriends, but only ONE was able to kiss me the way i need to be kissed.

16. I used to kick box

17. I wish my top lip was bigger

18. I don't know what my "type" is as far as men go...

19. My cellphone is NEVER off...

20 . I'm addicted to hoodies.

Yeah so that was random...and that was just some STUFF about me....

Still Deuces!