Monday, June 28, 2010

Say Aaahh...(again)

"The drinks start pouring,
And my speech start slurring,
Everybody start looking real good."

I'm not some kind of drunk...but i DO enjoy a social drink. My fav drink will switch from month to month...but lately I've come across some alcohol I haven't tried that i have to admit I'm curious about...

Rain Vodka. This is completely ORGANIC Vodka...I raised an eyebrow. It's supposed to be pretty good too. I'm gonna have to give it a try.

Crystal Head Vodka (By Dan Akroyd...O_o. I know...that's what IIIIII said)
The bottle is cool, lol. That's half of why I like it. But the reviews on it are actually good. Eff a Ciroc gimmie some Crystal Head! (I'mma say that next time I go to a bar lol)

Vampyre Vodka. Developed in England for the distinguished Vodka drinker with a sense of adventure, is what the description says..This is def...different. I'll try almost anything once...Never seen red vodka before either...hmmmmm...

Bu-tay (yep, that's pronounced Boo- tay' like a big ol' butt), Truly nothing TOO curious about this one other than the name....I like ordering silly named shit at a restaurant. I think it makes the waiter/waitress uncomfortable.... especially when they have to go repeat my order back to the bartender. (Yeah it's dumb...simple pleasures right?)

And last one for the night.......

Thas right...Bacon!...Well Bakon...It's really bacon flavored vodka. I have NO clue as to what you'd mix this with or even what it'd really taste like...But

Disclaimer: I'm in no way partial to vodka...It was coinky dink that they all WERE vodka lol.


His and Hers...

Shawty play the piano me I play the white keys,
Shawty from the south, oh, i think she like me,
Shawty like Pac, me Big Poppa,
screaming hit em up, I’m screaming who shot ya,
I’m on that red wine, shawty like white,
same sh-t different toilet,
we both getting nice,
me I’m from the apple which means I’m the Mac,
She’s a PC, she lives in my lap.

How fly would it be....for you an me... match like this...

He match my fly...SO sexy...I'd LOVE to roll out on some grown shit with my man. Or truthfully even on some casual lounge flow. Wrists matchin YASSSSS!!...I can dream, and I'm really not a watch wearing chick...but these are fly. I remember waaaaaay back when Me and my dude at the time would do the matchin Timbs thing...(I'm from NYC don't judge me) This is on a whole 'nother (yes I said nother....and ya'll say it too eff u!) level...SO SEXY!


Body, Soul, Mind, Spirit...

We should hold ourselves accountable for not demanding a higher standard of excellence. We reward the mediocre. Maybe that’s an issue with ourselves, being drawn to mediocrity because its relatable, for people feeling mediocre. In that case, step up your own excellence and then want it to be reflected in all around you.
Jean Grae

I've been in a really strange place for the past few weeks, coming off an emotional return to ATL from NYC...Quitting my job and deciding to become an entrepreneur, and then off to L.A for a week....All in less than a 3 week time frame was more than a little jarring...That's the short version...But L.A in a nutshell has become my second love...first being NYC...They're running pretty close right now. But before I start to ramble...The above quote fit a corner of whats been swimming around my head for most of the month of June. I'm transitioning, and within that I cant always expect to be understood...(I've stopped trying). I can be a lonely feeling when no one really "gets" you...but I digress...

The people I'm allowing into my life at this stage in the game is changing...and quickly. I used to blame it on my dwindling patience for stupidity...But I'm seeing now that I'm holding myself to such a standard and I'm forcing, pushing, willing myself towards excellence...that any less surrounding me just isn't going to work.

The mediocrity isn't "relatable" to me's not good enough. Excellence is all I'm willing to accept. Be it in my personal life, career, my spiritual life, .... How did I accept less? It's not even fathomable anymore.

This is on top of the mountain I climbed in L.A, I took this pic once i reached the top.....symbolic for alot of reasons....The world is mine...Keep up with me or keep away...


Thursday, June 24, 2010

The King...

OK so this will be a mad random quick lil post, but I was havin a convo with someone tryin to come up with my top 5 fav MJ songs...and it's damn near

off the top of my head in no specific order its...

1. Rock with You
2.Lady in my Life
3.You Rock My World
4. Human Nature
5. Heaven Can Wait

But there's a million other's i LOOOOOOOVE Smooth Criminal, The Way You Make me Feel,Remember the Time, Who's loving You, how do you pic just 5?! I'm just lookin for some feedback...what are some of your fav's?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Follow up/ Fun Fact...

After my post about Great Dick...I found this on Blogxilla. I'm just gonna re-post it here...

New twist on things...

Ever wonder why some women get attached so quickly after doing the dirty deed? Why they always want to cuddle afterward? Why they start calling and texting frequently, begging to see you again and again? Sure, your pipe game possibly could have been that good, but it probably has more to do with the powerful hormone known as oxytocin and less to do with the power of your personal magic wand.

It’s been said frequently that women can’t separate sex from their emotions, and the truth is, they can’t–and it’s not their fault. This oxytocin hormone is produced naturally in the brain and released as a response to many different situations. These situations include skin-to-skin contact, uterine or cervical stimulation during sex, nipple stimulation in lactating women and as a result of a baby moving down the birth canal during labor. Oxytocin is also released during orgasm, which causes that warm and fuzzy feeling and deepens the feelings of attachment, making couples feel closer to one another. The hormone also increases the desire to be touched further, which makes it likely that one will want to be pleasured again.

Oxytocin gets even more powerful in couples who have frequent sex. According to Binghamton University psychology professor Diane Witt, the release of oxytocin can be classically conditioned, and after constant sex with the same partner, just seeing that person may release more of the hormone, making you desire the person even more. And while oxytocin is also released in men, the effect is more powerful in women because it is combined with estrogen, another strong hormone.

So guys, now that you know it is only natural for a woman to become clingy after sex, you might want to give her a break before you start labeling her as some kind of crazy. However ladies, even if you can’t control your hormones, you can still control your behavior, and some of you might want to work on that.

Now this is interesting...but it DOES make alot of sense....Ladies this dosent give us the green lite to act a pure fool...but it does shed a lil light. I know a few ego's that'd be a lil damaged to know this lil


Tell em that it's human nature...

By far one of my fav MJ songs...But I found this on World Star. He dose it JUSTICE...their will never me another MJ but dammit if he dosent sound JUST like him when he sings this....

BTW That's Tia and Tamara Mowry's little brother...ya'll remember that show Smart


Friday, June 11, 2010

So good it'll hurt your feelings...

And I'm talkin about sex, dick, penis, wang, pipe, tool, whatever you wanna call it. It all means the same damn thing. Everyone has had it...STD...(sexually transmitted dumbness...) That dick so good you turn into a pure fool. Lemmie explain....You ever have that person that you have insane chemistry with? I mean it's in the eye contact...the conversation, so when you get behind closed explodes. Now not necessarily throwing clothes off and knocking over lamps (although that's all good too...) But I'm talkin about that slow burn...the kind that simmers. Starts with a kiss, the kind that grows deeper...lights off, clothes to follow...and that slow ,deliberate ,considerate passionate, intense ....dick....

I've had it...and it's nothing to play with. It's like when you have a pot on the stove. Think boiling rice ( for those of u who can cook...) You put in the water, then the rice, turn the flame on and let it're supposed to let the rice boil, let the water drain down...not low enough so u burn it, but juuuuuuuuuuuuust low enough so it's perfect. But if you're not watching'll boil over...or you're gonna burn up the whole thing

Yup...and it's deep. (no pun, lol) The inaudible mumbles, the hands, the kisses, the heavy breathing...ALL of that is the recipe for it and if you've had it you love it and hate it all at once.

See now when I say... act dumb i mean by the time all is said and done...You're texting him (random bullshit tryin to be conversational) just so he texts You're thinkin about when you'll see him again, you re thinkin about the "next time", you re remembering what was said, how it felt. Is he thinkin about me as much as I'm thinkin about him? Does he miss me too? I got a minute to text him...he doesn't?

Then you get it wasn't all that for him? How come in not on his mind? Is he with someone else right now?

You go through amazing heartache, sadness, anger , paranoia...etc etc...(when about 99.9% of the time...he's feelin u back...We just forget men don't react the same way women do)

So by this point it's eff playin it cool, Great dick will make you go harder than you've ever gone You play the..."I wont text him" game...then every damn time you get one you KNOW it's him..I mean it has to be, or you re picking up the phone to look at it like u MISSED the text alert somehow, you haven't spoken in a full what....10 hours?! Lmaoooo...I can laugh cuz I been there, but when you're caught up in the great dick aftermath, ain't SHIT funny...

And God forbid you send a text that didn't get a response...the damn world is ending! CURSE THAT BLINKING RED LIGHT ON YOUR BLACKBERRY THAT WONT EFFIN BLINK! never outgrow the effects of great dick...I'm sorry to tell ya. It's dope and it sucks all at once...

smh....don't feel bad though ladies...dudes can get caught up in great head/great ass

But we're not talkin about them this post.

But point blank, Great dick will make you act dumb. Fact!

It's OK...if the chemistry was genuine he's not gonna forget it so just aren't like us. Don't be a bugaboo...(it's hard) and don't over think it if u wanna drop a hello text cool...relax and breathe...and know it happens to the best of us. lol. Be confident that you left a lasting impression on him as deep as the one he left one you. (shits easier said than done) Or just stay