Thursday, January 27, 2011

What IS sexy...Mens Edition 2011

It came to me real randomly...( oh and hey...I been hardcore neglecting this blog, so to those that'll read it, my bad. To those that don't I'm sure you didn't notice I was gone back to the subject at hand...)

I was watching "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" and there was a scene where Johnny Depp and what's her face were in the kitchen yadda yadda yadda, fast forward to her coming up behind him, pushing his hair to the side attempting to kiss him. I noticed his jawline like instantly! ( Duh who hasn't) But in that scene, since it was a close up and you couldn't even see his whole face I was like...Damn! A chiseled jawline on a man is sexy as hell!!

So enter the blog topic...what is sexy...(to you)...well really to me since it's MY blog...but you get the idea. I don't mean the obvious sexy either, not a six pack, or hella muscles, truth be told I'm not a fan of real muscular guys...but the subtle stuff you don't always spot right away.

Look at the strong jaw...mad sexy eff what ya heard...

Next thing that crossed my mind I guess might be kinda obvious is some nice lips...I LOVE lips. Some unattractive ass men have some SEXY lips...Truth be told if they're that nice don't let me have a few drinks cause I can tune you out easy and just watch them move...mad shallow I know but ah's a shallow kind of
And i don't mean some L.L type soup coolers...but some nice full sexy..."sigh ok lemmie stop lol
I DO have 2 homeboys that have some of the nicest lips in the game, but the streets are watching so their pics won't appear here lol. But til I can find a comparable celeb shot I'll
Truth be told he's not in the least bit attractive to me...But his lips...yup!
Full bottom one + nicely shaped top one...= mmmmmm mmmm good.

Next we have
...(um whats that area on a guy his upper back but along his shoulder leading to his neck or whatever...) I know I'm describing it all kinds of wrong but I'll show you...

See the muscle coming out the top of the sweater...YES and yes!!

See THIS is the stuff I see on men fully clothed and in the most innocent of situations that'll cause my spidey sense to start tingling....hmmmm...let me see if I can think up a 4th....

Actually nah, I'll stop there, that's my top 3. Feel free to post yours.... ;-)