Tuesday, May 26, 2009

oh my damn...

What...I mean...I don't get...Like...I"m at a loss....Like...WHY!

Speedo? Grill? Lip-Lickin? Thats not even ALL thats wrong with this! Like...WAHT was the thought process?!

And this is a CHALLENGE?!

Pretty Ricky's..."Spectacular" (side eye to that name)...Is so called.."promoting" their new single with the GEIGHEST display i've ever seen!

I cant...


Monday, May 18, 2009


I've been given the Life is Grand blog award from my Favorite Extra tall, dark and handsome :) NY'er. Lol

The rules state that you are to list 5 reasons why life is grand. Then to pass this along to 5 other bloggers. So here we go....Life is grand because:

1.I'm nearly 30 and I'm FABULOUS!

2.I'm learning more and more about my life and where I want to take it every day, and I can truly say I LOVE myself.

3.I know what REAL love is.

4.I know I'm desitned for greatness, and I'm on the path to just that.

5.None of my pix have "leaked" on the internet. (LOL) *im keepin this answer* lmaooooooo

I now give this award toooooooo

1. Punkers ,lol
2. FrankWhite
3. PiinkCupcakez
4. Gor(jess)


Monday, May 11, 2009

Latest Shoegasm...

The perfect heels will set off your jeans ans tee/wifebeater this summer. It's all about the ACCESSORIES!

These are some of my latest "must-haves"

(the purple ones are sexy...)



So yeah... ebay is EVERYONE'S side hustle..I'm sellin some new cool stuff. Peep it and buy! I ship for free bitches!!!


Everything in NEW and unworn. Click the links!!!

Bebe Liza Pumps size 9 (Sold out EVERYWHERE)

PZI Jeans size 10

Fredericks of Hollywood Pumps Size 9.5

There will be more coming...I'll keep ya'll posted!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Game so tight! (a.k.a young boy chronicles vol. 2)

OK...for my young boy chronicles part 2.

My OTHER lil homegirl Kiana (18). Just recently went to prom. Her lil prom date was so excited that she agreed to go with him...He A. asked her what kind of car she wanted to ride to prom in...and rented it.

B. Also rented a hotel room at the Marriott (not cheap). When they opened up the door, there were rose petals all over the floor leading into the room....

He then walked over to the curtains, opened them up to a view of downtown ATL...(nicely done young man)

He took her hand and told her "I don't have much...but will you please be my girlfriend?".....

*throws laptop and walks away*.....


OK..I'm back.

Like WTF...seriously?!

Smh...I need some of my male bloggers to shed some light on this for me...is it that ya'll REALLY just don't try as hard as you get older? Are these lil boy's just on a mission to show ya'll up...?

Does the creativity lessen with age?


The end.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My latest shoe crush...

Can one of my fabulous fashionista blog followers PLEASE tell me who/what/where I can find these boot's John Legend's girlfriend Christine is rockin!?

I don't care that it's about to be summer...i need these in my life!

(P.S - I loooooooooooove that she's rockin them with leggings, very casual chic!)