Saturday, February 11, 2012

 So long

So short 

So painful

So beautiful

So tiring

So peaceful

So draining...

I've felt so many emotions, highs and lows, tears, anger, laugher, excitement...all in the course of one of the longest weeks of my life this week. It's amazing...full moon I guess. The beauty of living and being is how alive it can make you feel. You become so much more aware when you're feeling so much....I'm always been in control of my emotions and having them swirling all over as they have been recently, both good and bad with the normal peaks and valleys although making me feel alive...with tomorrow being Sunday the end of this long week....I feel so limp. If I feel one more emotion I may short circuit. like if you turn too many appliances on in your apartment you may blow a fuse. It's not good or bad...this drained feeling. It's just...natural overload. At least that's what I'm telling myself....I just be...and to stop feeling for a little while....

My main flaw is I feel too much...that may sound weird. But for me, feeling>>>thinking>>>actions>>>feelings>>>thinking.... It's ongoing. I feel, then think, then act, then feel some more, then think some more....gotta figure out how to stop the train....I want to get off for a little while....just to rewire. Just for a little while...

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