Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A wise man once told me...

Sometimes u just sit back and realize u really are blessed to have certain ppl in your life...
I haven't found a description yet that can do him justice...

Him : Miss u

Me: Miss u 2. My mood just switched up, so I could use a hug. Sorry If I'm being real short.

Him: Need to talk?

Me: No I'm mad and frustrated and ur driving. I'm cool

Him: U sure. I'm here for u.

Me: Yeah I'm just real annoyed and mad that I'm even annoyed. So I'm just waiting for it to pass. Truthfully the person isn't even worth the efforts.

Him: Alright

Me: Thanks tho

Him: Ur always worth my effort

Me: Thanks. Dunno why that made me almost want to cry.

Him: It's a lot in life to know at least 1 person is always there 4 u.

Me: yeah, that's tru

Yeah...I'm lucky...Real lucky....
I'll find the right day...



Sheli said...

awww..that sounds so familiar, lol!

gor(jess). said...

aww. i used to have someone like that =/ shit happens though .

dont take anything for granted, he seems real sweet :)

hope your feeling better though

DollFace said...


Trust me I wont, and he is. And thanks girl, i am feelin better