Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My newest crush is Mr. Leslie..and honestly it's only 45% looks...Crazy right!

This dude is beyond talented...I'd sound like an uber stan if i went on about how utterly DOPE I find him...(Not to mention I'm feelin his fashion sense too) So tired of jeans and crap on men, but I digress... He's on HEAVY rotation on my ipod right now...I can't begin to explain how refreshing it is to have someone that still makes real music, and If i could get away with doing the poster taped to my wall thing still he'd be up there. His raw TALENT is what I'm finding so amazingly sexy , But since I can't (cuz I"m too grown for that lol) I've taken to my blog to blabber about him for 5 min...

If someone wants to set up a meeting for me with him I'm die happy..."sigh....Late Bday gift, Early x-mas gift, whatever...He's amazing musically though...Gotta see him live.

"sigh...Loves him!

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MeLoVe said...

I love him too. People underestimate his talent and give him the short end of the music world. It is ok though he will rise real soon. LOL.