Friday, March 12, 2010

Tatt, tatt , tatted up...

I LOVE tatt's plain and simple...I'm attraaaaaaaaaaaaaacted to dudes with tatts no secret.
I been noticing more chick's gettin heavily tatted lately...I'm at a place in my life where I'm waaaaaaaaay past judgement. So to each his own, and truthfully I think chicks with dope tatts are the business!

Scroll down in my blog posts and peep the vid of Brittanya O'Campo for example...I'm not in a position career-wise where I can take the plunge but please belive if i coooooooooould....shoot!!

I'm including some pics I find hott...And since the question was posed to me I'm now posing it to you all, In a perfect world where, career, money and society made no diff. and what/where would you get tatted?


Dopeness, I'm attracted to art in every form...tatt's are no exception.

Enjoy the visuals...Peace.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE TATTS.... those pics r awesome!

DollFace said...

Thx Doll :)