Sunday, December 11, 2011

In an attempt to see ME clearer...

Figured I'd ramble about ME for a hot one. Maybe if I see it typed it it'll become clearer.

I'm hard on those I consider friends, but even harder on myself. Like if I call you MY friend I hold u in certain regard....once u let that down....*shrugs*, I think it's cause I hold MYSELF in such high regard, as I should( and so should you, don't give just anyone the privelages of callin u friend without earning that title) I don't have hundreds of friends...and I don't believe you do either...,if u have too many then you don't know what one really is...same goes with me loving you. If I say...or better yet SHOW you I ride for you, I'm down for u, call me when you need me, I support you, and I trust you, then don't ever again doubt that I do love you. I don't love easily but when I DO....I love haaaard. It's a bit of a flaw sometimes cause I canbe a bit possessive with those I love most.

I have a distinct jealous streak...I'm not specifically jealous in general...that streak comes few and far between, but when it strikes it's strong...I actuay dislike it alot. It's on my laundry list of things to work on inwardly...not the jealously cause I'm human, just in the ways I let it manifest. when I find that streak showing up I tend to distance myself from the person or situation causing it until I have a handle on myself again.

I can most definitely be a bitch and a half when I dislike you...and it's something that almost scares me about myself....I don't mean petty dislike...I mean the stuff that runs deep. Its a viciousness about me that I'm well aware of...I have been my whole life. I think I tend to keep my circle small more for the benefit of THEM, cause if for whatever reason you change our relationship to something negative, something ugly...I know where to cut you deepest...dangerous...and I don't like ever letting myself get to that place....thankfully when I feel it, I can force it back down in most cases, of just remove myself quickly enough that it won't happen. Rather walk away from you forever than say something I'm well aware can scar you permanently, or at least leave a very nasty bruise on your ego. Human nature is to hurt what hurts you...since I love so hard I hurt twice as hard...and that makes me want to hurt you....any way I can, it's very ugly but very true. Fortunately it's nothing I've had to deal with recently.

I can be borderline obnoxious when I want your attention and I feel I don't have it for whatever's low key obnoxious, but obnoxious non the less. Nothing short of, but it's another one of those...when I catch myself doing it, I pull aaaaaall the way back. Kinda reel myself in...put myself in a corner so to speak lol. I'm getting much muuuuuch better with that one though. Kinda learning that I don't need anyone that dosent need me...and this is strictly on a personal level...diff rules apply to business.

Gratuitous flirting is a new pet peeve of mine im becoming aware of...if ur flirt with me...and her, and her and her and her....then I'm slowly but surely gonna stop taking you serious. Especially under the guise of friendliness, networking, etc etc....i don't think people know the diff between the two anymore especially online. If we're doing business there's no need for a smiley, wink, etc etc to be anywhere in the convo...if its there then we've...or better yet YOU'VE left business behind.
People blur the lines way too much for me...sometimes I wanna remind them's the Internet!! We can SEE YOU!! Stop.

I'm low key competitive...wether its your attention, a promotion, responsibility, friendship, I'm like me me mememe!!!! *hand waving in the air*.... Like give me the opportunity to be whatever it is you're needing me to be and watch me do it better than anyone else...crazy I know. But that's the point of this post...stripping myself bare.

I'm quite moody. I think that's partially because I'm so in my head...constantly thinking, feeling, analyzing, etc...that mixed in with constantly observing those around can send my thoughts...and therefore my moods into a complete tailspin....I think I internalize things too much though. Cause at the end of all know me you'd never know any of's the poem start..."We wear the Mask" still one of my FAV poems to date...

That's all for now..

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