Tuesday, February 24, 2009


OK so i been on this huge nail polish "thing" since i got rid of my acrylics. I'm LOVING my new shorter nails. Makes me wonder why I kept the acrylics so long...(Guess I was just used to them.)

Anyhoo...I'd been hearing abt Minx for close to a year now, but I, A. Assumed they were crazy expensive since it was initially a "celeb" thing... and B. Didn't quite know WHAT they were exactly. So the "Bran" is in town from LaLa land for a few days, and she told me she'd gotten her nails "Minxed" She came over last night and I got a look at them..I should've snapped a pic. I gotta admit they look pretty cool. And there began my research...lol

(You know we always gotta let someone else be the guinea pig..lol)

So apparently they're a "coating" for the nail...they require no drying time ( biggest selling point for me) And they just look dope as hell...Read about them here.

I like the look and they're only about $40. Dunno how long they last, but as fast as my nails grow my fill in's were getting kinda pricey anyway.

I wouldn't call this a every day thing...unless u just got it like that...I don't...(yet)

But every once in a while...Why not?!

Look kinda dope don't they?


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