Thursday, February 5, 2009


So yeah...I'm bored. And I saw this on someone else's blog ( i blog hop alot, so I can't remember who's)

But it's been done a million times Here goes 20 Random Facts About MEEEE!!!

1. I LOVE my feet, I dunno why. I dunno if they're cuter than anyone else's or what but I LOVE them.

2. My life has a soundtrack...I have a song for every moment, of every day, of my life...Every mood I get into , I can find a song that fits it.

3. I'm a HOPELESS romantic.

4. I second guess myself sometimes

5. I treat my puppy like he's my CHILD.

6. I LOVE my new york accent.

7. I can eat seafood, any day of the week day or night

8. I'm alot more into reality TV than I'm willing to admit...

9. I am an accessory junkie, I'll rock jeans and a wife beater and accessorize that shyt to PERFECTION!

10. My new favorite color is teal

11. I have 8 tattoos, soon to be 9...

12. I think I want to adopt a baby, rather than be pregnant for 9 months.

13. No one i know personally knows of this blog, I like the anonymity of it all...

14 . My favorite physical feature on myself is my eyes...on the opposite sex its the lips (muah!)

15. I've had several boyfriends, but only ONE was able to kiss me the way i need to be kissed.

16. I used to kick box

17. I wish my top lip was bigger

18. I don't know what my "type" is as far as men go...

19. My cellphone is NEVER off...

20 . I'm addicted to hoodies.

Yeah so that was random...and that was just some STUFF about me....

Still Deuces!

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rio tapatio said...

I wish my top lip was bigger too. lol.