Sunday, July 5, 2009

My quiet place...

I dunno if it's come with age or what but my mild interest in interior design has grown suddenly. I have my bedroom, and then I have a reading room/dressing room/walk in closet type thing set up in another room in my house.

The bedroom is what it's called obviously. Thats where I SLEEP. Everything else I save for my "other room". So recently I've gotten more and more into the decor of my room. Problem is there are so many styles and looks i LOVE I can't find ONE style that works best.

I started out with old hollywoood, and I'm still mostly leaning towards that. It just seems like so much work to make my lil sanctuary IDEAL.

Right now the walls need to be re-painted and I'm gettin my furniture piece by piece.

So I guess I'm just gonna post up pics of some images/decor/layouts I can be expensive.

Antique shops, thrift stores, yard sales, hand me downs, not to mention walmart/target have become some of my decorationg dream-lands.

I'm open to suggestion and any tips and ideas... :)

Heeeeeere goes...

Chanel Tray Table

I ADORE window seats...

This chandelier is amazing! All antique wine glasses!

That's all for now...Know of any good decorating sites hit me up!


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