Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ok Pharrell...

Hip-hop artist calls flash jewellery 'cheap'

Pharrell Williams (Reuters) Pharrell Williams (Reuters)
Wed, 15 Jul 2009 12:08p.m.

Pharrell Williams thinks only "cheap-minded" people wear flash jewellery.

The 36-year-old hip-hop artist - who has clothing labels Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream Footwear and has designed glasses and jewellery for Louis Vuitton - hates the large, gaudy accessories other rap stars are famous for sporting.

He said: "I don't understand bling - I never wore any. To me, it's cheap jewellery for the cheap-minded. I don't associate myself with the hip-hop fraternity. Pieces that I design are only of the best quality."

Despite his hatred of diamond-laden jewellery, Pharrell does like some aspects of hip-hop style.

He explained to Britain's Sunday Times Style magazine: "If I'm photographed wearing sunglasses indoors, it's probably because I really like their fashion sensibility, or the brand. Or when a camera is going off."

Pharrell calls himself a 'workaholic' and credits the way he was brought up with making him thankful for his achievements.

He said: "My upbringing was humble and modest. Not to say that I ended up humble. But over time, I have calmed down and become more appreciative.

"Coming from nothing can inspire one to do great things."


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