Friday, April 2, 2010

Say Aaahh...

What better way to say "good morning", Than to give some morning head... :-)

I follow alot of blogs and I found this one (Check it out...pure hilarity)

I'm re-posting this one cuz frankly I loved

27 Logical Reasons you Should Preform Oral Sex in the Morning.

More oral sex should take place in the morning. In a perfect world each day would start off with oral sex because after head, everything else is less important. Ladies imagine if instead of your alarm clock, your man woke you up to a tongue spanking. You won’t have to roll over and smack your hand against the snooze button, but instead you can grab the back of your guys head and press your lady parts against his mouth. Fellas imagine waking up to slurps and a wet crotch instead of that annoying buzzing! Wouldn’t that be great. So to all the couples out there and people who plan on waking up next to someone in the near future here is a list of reasons and things to say in order to get more oral sex in the morning.

  • Vagina taste better after an evening marinating in last nights juices.
  • Morning wood needs to be polished.
  • After having an orgasm in someone’s mouth, your boss complaining doesn’t matter as much. You can just think, ‘hey asshole you obviously didn’t have what I had this morning so nanny nanny poo poo.’ Only don’t say that outloud becase you will lose your job.
  • Semen helps kill gingivitis.
  • You like having a smile on your face in the morning.
  • While your deep in dream mode, your significant other becomes, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, or whoever it is you dream about and for a few brief moment it’s them giving you head and it seems oh so real.
  • When you realize it’s the person you had sex with the night before it’s really not that bad of a constellation prize.
  • Your dog shouldn’t be the only living thing in the house getting it’s crotch licked each morning.
  • Wouldn’t we all like to be breakfast for once?
  • After morning head, we can have morning sex.
  • She can’t get pregnant if she takes it in her mouth.
  • Why not wake up doing something you actually like doing?
  • Because oral sex is better than oatmeal and just as clumpy
  • It won’t be the first time she had something white and gooey in her mouth before noon.
  • Vagina is the only thing that actually taste better than bacon.
  • He can walk around smelling her on his upper lip all day long.
  • I’m sure that is how Adam and Eve woke up before they ate the apple.
  • Because we can
  • Because it’s great.
  • Because no matter how hard you try you really can’t think of a reason not to do it.
  • A logical reason.
  • It’s worth being late…
  • If you tell your boss why you were late and send them a link to this blog you won’t get written up.
  • Semen helps your skin glow.
  • Vagina juice in the morning has the same amount of vitiman c as orange juice.
  • Would you really rather have a day without oral sex in the morning?
  • Because practice makes perfect.

Truth and Comedy...gotta love it!!



NightFall914 said...

Definately a solid list. Clearly its on ya mind so I'd rather hear YOUR personal reasons for AM Skull Duggery....

DollFace said...

ok A.) I dont like the term "skull duggery...never have :-P
B. BBM me for permanent reasons, lol