Friday, May 7, 2010

Chatter Box..

I swear my blog is straight pornish there days, maybe it'll calm down once the weather cools down...But presently lets talk sex..(again) I've never been much of a rambler/chatterbox during sex...The heavy breathing or the occasional mumble usually works fine for me...My thing is as long as I know youre enjoying it...I'm good. Wether i can tell by the look on your face...or your breathing...ooooooor the way ur holding me I'm good...

Eyes squeezed shut, biting your lip,or hell even biting mine...yeah thumbs up.

But what IS wack to me is the cliche lines some guys choose to drop...For me talking can be a bonus depending on what your saying...But the wong words are an instant turnoff.

1.Dont ask me your name...Chances are I'm not gonna say it cuz u just made it corny and truthfully if u were DOING the damn thing i'm gonna say it on my own anyway...

2.Dont ask me who's my daddy...corniest shyt EVER said during sex. No ur not my daddy, that'd be gross and illegal, and i dont want to think of my dad or anything dad related when pipe is being laid...please and thank u.

3. Dont' ask me who's it is...refer to number 1. How bout you try telling me it yours! A lil agression and a lil cockiness (no pun) never killed anyone.

If you want to get the juices flowing more than they already are gentlemen get a lil too wordy...but creative.

How do we feel?

How do you feel inside us?

Are we tight,wet, do we taste good...THINK a lil...We'll eat that shyt up.

And DONT be even louder than we least not for me...Cuz I WILL stop and look at you crazy.

Now truth be told not all guys are if this isnt you, no worries...Then your action has to pick up the slack.

A lil hair pulling (mines real so it's ok i promise)not just when you're hittin it from the back...during a passionate kiss? If I like you enough to smoke your pole (don't try to gag me tho or its pretty much a wrap)

How bout that heavy breathing...on my neck,by my ears...INSTANT CHILLS!
Every woman has the knee weakening spot...find hers dammit! This kind of research will pay off trust me!

I can't give all my info away...But atmosphere plays a big role too. We're not daft...don't call it "making love" and dont set the scene for that kind of night when we know damn well...IT'S NOT THAT KIND OF NIGHT.

Dosent mean we don't love you, but sometimes I want to have sex...

And sometimes I wanna make love...

But that's off topic...Men that chatter too much during sex turn me off. I'm not a rambler either but trust you'll know when you're on point.

But guys i'm curious...ladies too...What works for you? What things do u say or like to hear during sex?

What things are a no-no?

Whats the best/worst thing someones said to you in the moment?



NightFall914 said...

Ok, I'ma have to find out where your getting this stuff from.

"And DONT be even louder than we least not for me...Cuz I WILL stop and look at you crazy."

I'm LMAO picturing that.

DollFace said...

truth, andwhat do u mean where im gettin it from?

princessvalecia said...

I am not a fan of silent sex, but I can't handle a rambler either. The occasional sexual grunt is good. A lip bite and kisses on my thighs....and BAM! You got me....nuff said.

DollFace said...

Princess -Silence is a no-go...I just donr want a dude preforming a colo on me, lol. As for the rest...COSIGN! lol