Monday, June 28, 2010

His and Hers...

Shawty play the piano me I play the white keys,
Shawty from the south, oh, i think she like me,
Shawty like Pac, me Big Poppa,
screaming hit em up, I’m screaming who shot ya,
I’m on that red wine, shawty like white,
same sh-t different toilet,
we both getting nice,
me I’m from the apple which means I’m the Mac,
She’s a PC, she lives in my lap.

How fly would it be....for you an me... match like this...

He match my fly...SO sexy...I'd LOVE to roll out on some grown shit with my man. Or truthfully even on some casual lounge flow. Wrists matchin YASSSSS!!...I can dream, and I'm really not a watch wearing chick...but these are fly. I remember waaaaaay back when Me and my dude at the time would do the matchin Timbs thing...(I'm from NYC don't judge me) This is on a whole 'nother (yes I said nother....and ya'll say it too eff u!) level...SO SEXY!



NightFall914 said...

Hmmmm interesting. Those are some nice timepieces. :)

DollFace said...

That they are..makin me re-examine the whole watch wearing thing.