Monday, June 28, 2010

Say Aaahh...(again)

"The drinks start pouring,
And my speech start slurring,
Everybody start looking real good."

I'm not some kind of drunk...but i DO enjoy a social drink. My fav drink will switch from month to month...but lately I've come across some alcohol I haven't tried that i have to admit I'm curious about...

Rain Vodka. This is completely ORGANIC Vodka...I raised an eyebrow. It's supposed to be pretty good too. I'm gonna have to give it a try.

Crystal Head Vodka (By Dan Akroyd...O_o. I know...that's what IIIIII said)
The bottle is cool, lol. That's half of why I like it. But the reviews on it are actually good. Eff a Ciroc gimmie some Crystal Head! (I'mma say that next time I go to a bar lol)

Vampyre Vodka. Developed in England for the distinguished Vodka drinker with a sense of adventure, is what the description says..This is def...different. I'll try almost anything once...Never seen red vodka before either...hmmmmm...

Bu-tay (yep, that's pronounced Boo- tay' like a big ol' butt), Truly nothing TOO curious about this one other than the name....I like ordering silly named shit at a restaurant. I think it makes the waiter/waitress uncomfortable.... especially when they have to go repeat my order back to the bartender. (Yeah it's dumb...simple pleasures right?)

And last one for the night.......

Thas right...Bacon!...Well Bakon...It's really bacon flavored vodka. I have NO clue as to what you'd mix this with or even what it'd really taste like...But

Disclaimer: I'm in no way partial to vodka...It was coinky dink that they all WERE vodka lol.



Anonymous said...

yess yess My 21st bday is coming up and I'm loving just the mere look of them! Gotta have it!!!

DollFace said...

Lol, well Happy Birthday, and if you try any comment back and let me know how they were., lol.

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