Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shorty got skills...Shorty for gifts...(NSFW)

Ya'll know what I mean. Ladies we can be some cocky S.O.B's when it comes to our sex game in certain areas. I've been guilty of it, not gonna lie. We talk...sometimes I think we're worse than guys. (I'm sorry fells its true) We can be just as graphic with our girls, just as raw. We too have tips, ticks, etc etc that we can pull out our hat when we wanna go for the gold.

If you can think we got "bomb-head" why can't we admit to ourselves that "hell yeah we do" lol

I KNOW what I'm good at in the bedroom. When i want his toes to curl or his eyes to roll back, or his breath to quicken to know EXACTLY what to do. So ladies what are your skills? Lol. Fella's what is your girl bomb at?! Can she ride a mean one,

Maybe she's flexible as hell...

Maybe she can just TAKE it like a champ...Even I'm impressed with THIS...

What tricks can YOU pull out the bag? Fella's maybe ya'll have some tricks WE don't' know about, or should I say can't always SEE ;-) .

Just doin this post has me wanting to add some more "skills" to my repertoire. lol :-)

(Sorry if this was kinda pornish...but its like that

So share... ; -)



NightFall914 said...

LOL @ the gifs you used. Yeah everyone talks how many really put it down as they claim. Who knows. Guess thats why I've never been one to speak on it. Just act. ;)

DollFace said...

Lol...No comment.