Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I've recently discovered since I'm freelancing now, and home alot more...I'm obsessed with bathrooms. I have 2 in my home.

Now when I say obsessed I mean I sat back and took a look at both and the bathroom has to be once of my favorite "set the scene" rooms....Steamy shower sex....Yes please!

But you can't have the sexy shower scene...in this...

When I move I swear the first rooms I need to see in my next place are the bathrooms...The right enviroment is very necessary...I wish I could take my current bathrooms with me, lol.

Here are a few i found extra dope.

So many possibilities with those ledges..

Goes without saying...

My fav by FAR...Can u imagine layin on it with the water raining down...?!

So yeah....I'm hooked on bathrooms

A sexy outdoor scene would even be kinda cool...

I'm not only partial to showers, the right bathtub would have its possibilities too...

Yup...just thought I'd share..

Peace. ;-)

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Haze said...

I love this post!
I'm obsessed with bathrooms too, I like the fancy ones with big tubs, huge showers with glass walls and saunas!
sum good pics in this post