Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Homie, Lover, Friend...

Ok after some thought and a convo I was having with "Him", I've come to realize that after a certain age the term "boyfriend" just sounds silly to me.

My boss (32) has a "boyfriend." One if my clients today (56)was at the studio tryin to take pics for her new "boyfriend".

Maybe it's the linking of the word "boy" in there when youre talkin about a grown ass man that ruins the sound of it for me.

I had a "boyfriend" in the 10th grade... :-/

Lol, i know this is all real silly (shut up) I'm just lookin for opinions ...I've heard "boo" "man" "dude"

Like i've said thats my man, (boo always rubbed me wrong) , I've said my dude...But when u get grown and it's deeper than "i like him" what do u say?

That's my "significant other"?

Lmaoooooooooooo...ugh! I"m open to suggestions for a word to replace "boyfriend"...lol

All ideas are welcomed.



Miss.Vanity said...


Best You Ever Had said...

You call him your man if he is actually your "MAN"!!! I mean does for you as your man, acts as your man and supports as a man should. Now if he aint all of that than YES "SIGNIFICANT OTHER" is what you call him or "manfriend" as Miss Vanity said which is real cute... Lol.

DollFace said...

Lol @ "manfriend".