Monday, June 29, 2009

"Niggas try to tell me her head was insane....." head, blow jobs, oral sex,knob-slobbin and whatever colorful titles u have for doing all means the same thing. Suckin Dick.

So what I"m wondering in 2009 (after a few convo's with a few friends...) is...Is this still taboo?!

I mean really?! IS it?! My boy even asked me jokin...are there still girls that don't give head?!

That's like looking for a unicorn...or is it?

Personally I'm grown and ashamed of NOTHING I do. Within the 4 walls of my relationship with a person I know I love. His pleasure is my all bets are off. Game ON when the lights go out. (or stay on whatever the preference....but I digress)

There are still women in 2009 that turn their noses up and give the "wtf ...eeww" face when the topic of head comes up. Quit actin like a kid!

Now A. If you'll let him lick you walls dry but wont return the favor ur selfish and trust that wont happen for too much longer.
And you'll be sitting there mad as

B. If you've never done it , HOW do you know you don't like it?

C. (Assuming you're doing it right) Once you see the look on his face (or hear the sounds ur causing a grown man to make) How can u NOT wanna do something that'll make his toes curl?

Don't be a selfish lover is my point. Now granted...They're men...amazingly so that DON'T like head (yeah i know)So it's not for everyone clearly. And there are just as many women out there that just don't do it well/correctly. Therefore don't get the desired results, so they don't see the point. ALSO understandable.

I've heard everything from it "tasting bad" to "feelin nasty in your mouth" to "gaggin on it" If you're a novice no ones askin u to swallow or deep throat it or any of that. But a real man that know you're tryin to please him and are puttin his pleasure before your own will stop at NOTHING to make sure you're taken care of...TRUST!

(I'm not talkin any dude on the street, but your know. The one that LOVES you.)

So my questions to my female readers is whats your viewpoint on head? Giving and receiving.

Gentlemen whats your view on women that don't "ahem...return the favor?

I have a co-worker that's 32 that has NEVER given head. But she's in love now...head over heels. And stated that with THIS man, she'll stop at nothing to please him. I give her credit for that.

Of course there are exceptions to this, so don't flood the comment board with dumb stuff like "well he doesn't do it back"

Use ur head ladies...(literally) lmaoooo.



rio tapatio said...

Idk why you haven't gotten any comments, this is a good post that brings up questions.! Lol.
I love to receive if it's being offered,, but I'm particular with who I give to, it isn't gonna be any street nigga, I'd like to be dating the dude or be somewhat involved.... but maybe that's a double

Best You Ever Had said...

Personally, I thought oral was normal. Something that isn't shameful. Once you pass a certain stage in your sex life its no longer an embarassment. If you ask me, when your seriously involved, there is no holds bar. What you won't do, someone else sure enough will!!!

I couldn't agree with you more on "C".

(LOL I guess some are still ashamed because this is a topic that everyone should jump on)

DollFace said...

Rio - I just posted this last night, so we'll see if i get more responses, lol.
I don't think it's a double standard

Best - Some women...actually more than u think are real funny on the topic. I didnt know that until I started askin or bringing it up. I was surprised.
Being ashamed is so wack to me but thats just my opinion.

I think men prefer a woman thats secure with herself and what they do behind closed doors.

NightFall914 said...

The point to this topic as it is with many sexual topics is not what you do but how you present yourself.If you're a "superhead" that the whole town knows gives great dome that's different from the mild mannered female that goes about her business but puts it down in the privacy of her relationship. As an adult many times you say more by saying less. Truthfully you aren't currently, never have or don't plan on blessing a guy then their no reason for him to know what you're capable of.

Best You Ever Had said...

Nightfall- very well said!

Women... Again "WOMEN" know how to carry themselves, how to present themselves and when in a relationship, knows how to take care of her man. As a woman I see no shame in giving and, definitely/without a doubt, no shame in receiving.

In all honesty, I think being confident and sure of yourself and what you do makes it all the better. As long as you can back it up. It brings so much excitement to the bedroom.