Friday, January 2, 2009


Yeah so i been slackin on my pimpin lately. Probably because I've A. Been busy as hell, B. Tired as hell, and C. just not motivated to type. You know the feeling when there's just TOO much on your mind?

Yeah well i felt like my head was gonna explode if i even ATTEMPTED to try to sort it out well enough to type.

First of all Happy New Year, hope you all had a fab holiday. Mine was cool, pretty quiet, nice gifts. I gave and received, and I'm still giving. I'm happy and very thankful for what I've gotten, what's yet to come, for making it to 1 more year, and for the people I'm lucky enough to have in my life.

So enough of the sap.Today was my off day...This workin weekends shyt is truly for the birds...smh.

I had a good day off, it rained. (I love when it rains on days that i get to stay in bed) I watched Sex& the City (again) I ADORE that movie ( I heard rumors that there's gonna be a 2, *crosses fingers*)

My karmaloop stuff came...I was so excited. I LOVE gettin packages. If you didn't know about the 50%, 60% and then 70% off sales at the past couple weeks crawl out from under your rock! I copped come cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute stuff.

I talked to JSW today...dunno whats going on in that area. He's heavy with the questions...alot of "US" questions. I'm sensing some insecurity but you know how men are...they don't like to show emotion so its like playin "Clue" to figure out exactly whats on his mind, and whats bothering him.


So THEN I get a call from "G"..."sigh...Dontcha just love cases of the "EX"? I swear to everything i HATE his ass sometimes. I've been dealing with him for like 8 years now (on and off, definitely heavy on the OFF right now) and I'm not gonna was a process to get OVER the fact that he's never gonna be the man I want him to be..
But now that I've realized that shyt...i wish he'd just go the hell AWAY!

I mean how much does your life suck that u have to hit me up and screw up my cuz you're bored, or whatever? So geigh...

Anyway, I've also been on a heavy youtube binge lately cuz they have some ILL makeup tutorials...So with all the NEW techniques I'm learning, I'm now allotting myself an official makeup budget. I think that's reasonable...I'm gonna purchase like 4 pieces a month...colors, pallettes, different textures...i wont bore y'all with the technicality of makeup...

And as this year begins, I'm realizing how much TRAVELING I'm gonna want/need/be asked to do this year.

I'm so excited about that. i LOVE to travel...I know I'm heading to NY again soon...and after that Florida, London is in the not so distant future, and so is the Cayman Islands, not to mention at least TWO cruises!

Good lord i better be a rich bitch in 09! (lol)

So I'm not gonna make all the cliche 09 resolutions...about losing weight/gettin in shape/saving money/cuttin ppl out of my life...

All i know is 09 hold success / growth for me and the only person that can make it happen is me. That's really ALL that's on my agenda...everything else that's not a part of that agenda will just fall to the way side naturally...Stuff that isn't important usually does that. Doesn't take much effort on my part to ignore the HELL outta Nah, but seriously...I guess this year is about ME. No more no less...and that shyts no where near selfish...its 100% real. Sit back and take note on how much time you waste worrying about people that ain't worrying about you. That's totally for the birds!

Say it with me...success, success,

I'mma stop there...


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