Monday, March 16, 2009

STILL a bad broad..

I'm not gonna comment...just like I HAVEN'T been commenting on the Rihanna and Chris drama...
The web's been FULL of "updates" and speculation...and at the end of the day

Ain't no one living her life FOR her...She's gonna do what she's gonna do and all the updates and opinions at the end of the day dont matter. So I'm keepin my thoughts on her perosnal life to myself...

Anyhoo, that's so nooooooooooooot what I'm posting about.

She's finally been spotted out and about and homegirl's fashion hasn't fallen off an INCH!

She was a bad broad before, and she's still a bad broad NOW...

From the jeans (Pratt) to the heels (Louboutin's) to the aviators , fly gloves and that DOPE ass fur jacket!!

Shes fresh to death, and causal as hell! I LOVE it.

Her style (stylist) is ALWAYS on it! And if anyone can tell me who makes that jacket ( although I'm POSITIVE I can't afford it) I'd appreciate it.


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