Tuesday, March 10, 2009


OK the "Single Ladies" routines that have taken over youtube have been REAL entertaining...I've had my fair share of giggles...and been kinda impressed...

But this...is wrong on SO many levels...

A.These are lil BOYS
B. Who choreographed this?!
C. Who dressed them?
D. WHEEEEERE are there parents?!
E. They BETTER not be preforming this at a SCHOOL ( that's what it looks like...)

I think the Beyonce madness is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay outta control now...(although little dude in the orange shorts ISSSS kinda killin it...I'm just sayin...)



Pro's Hood said...

and i fucking dieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! you owe me A grande frappacinno for wasting mine spitting on this computer screen lmao

DollFace said...

Lmaooooooo, ok i got u. :)