Wednesday, March 4, 2009

F*ckin Genius

So my Friend of a Friend Dre(peep his blog) posts alot more often than I do. And I used to think I posted alot. And I've come to the conclusion after his last post...That this dude is pretty damn smart.

His Love vs. Comfortable blog was on point...he hit the nail on the head. So I'm re-posting it here...All credit given to him. I changed's his actual post...

I think people confuse these two things, alot !!! I mean I am no expert, but I just feel like this is a topic that everyone has encountered. I guess everyone that gets involved a relationship hopes to fall in love with their partner, right ? Or might be in love already?? Or do we not do this anymore?? I'm asking because I am not sure myself anymore lol. Anyway, back to the topic......When people are in love with their partner, their intentions are to be happy. Happy in a sense that you are comfortable, but does it become a problem when you are just comfortable and not happy anymore? Are you still in love with this person??? Or are you just comfortable with this person? When you are in love with someone, you make sacrifices and go the extreme to make this person happy. When you are comfortable with a person, you do just enough to keep them from getting upset lmao. It might sound the same, but there is a difference. Love you try hard to do something to make them happy. Comfortable you do something just to keep them from being mad, but your intentions are not to make them happy, your just doing enough to get by. Well, thats my definition of it. (Damn, I just started thinking how this might stir up some problems in people's relationships after they read this, SMH, Oh well, what do I know right ??) Love is when you look at your partners face and it puts a smile on your face for no reason. Comfortable is when you look at your partners face and say to yourself, "If I wasn't with her/him, I would think shes/he cute" and then smile, because you feel you don't have to worry about that because you already got them. Love is when you leave your draws clean because you know your partner washes your clothes. Comfortable is when you leave tire tracks in your draws because you know your partner is cleaning your stuff and not you. Love is having sex with your partner whenever you feel like it. Comfortable is having sex with your partner whenever you feel like it. LOL, I know theres no change lmao. Love is thinking about each other throughout any circumstance. Comfortable is thinking about yourself first, and then hoping your partner is already taking care of themself, so you dont have to take care of it for them. Love is watching TV together at night even if you don't like the show they are watching. Comfortable is "I'll be in the other room watching my show, I'll come to bed when it's finished." Love is cooking for your partner before they get home. (This only applies to people that are home beofre their partner, I know people have jobs) Comfortable is "Oh I just thought you were gonna get something to eat on your way home." Love is thinking about just that 1 person. Comfortable is thinking about your options. Love is calling your partner just to say "HI". Comfortable is calling to ask "Where you at?" Love is buying something for your partner just because. Comfortable is buying them something on occasions. Love is not leaving that person because you Love them. Comfortable is not leaving that person because your comfortable with them. I sware there is a difference. Love is having trust in your partner. Comfortable is believing what you wanna believe, because you dont want to get mad thinking about the truth. You know what's crazy?? Is that some people prefer teh comfortable, they don't mind. Hey, if thats how you feeling, I ain't hating!!! Its a crazy world out there.....Love is Love and Comfortable is what some people think is Love, they just scared to find real love so they stcik with what they know.
- Another Blog post by yours truly: Andres Villacis, Holla !!!!

Things that make u go hmmm....

I'll definately be thinking on this one tonight. (Thanks Dre')


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hotredsly said...

great blog,all I can say is Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.