Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rebel Yell...

The Irony

Love won't set you free.
It will imprison you.

It won't give you wings to fly.
Instead it will captivate your entire existence.

Loving him will kill you slowly.
But without him you'd die.

They can tell you the fire is hot
But you'd rather burn than turn cold.

Written by Miss Rebellious...if you're not familiar with her blog please get familiar...She becoming one of my best sources for food for thought. Luvs her! Her words are dope...SERIOUSLY.



Elle said...

Thank you...I am so honoured. Please continue to support the movement inspired by my struggle.

DollFace said...

Girl no...thank YOU...ur words have been adding some sanity to my otherwise recently jumbled thoughts. No struggle is ever in vain...