Wednesday, November 26, 2008


From my Beauty Vs. Sexy Blog... I actually had a convo with JSW (<3)> about the whole issue and I'm gonna post our convo...Well the parts pertaining to the topic, lol. I found his response kinda interesting, so here goes...(Names have been changed to protect the

ME: And if u get around to it, I'm curious (and yes there's a reason behind it) what women can u think of that you find beautiful? Not cute, not sexy, not just pretty....but beautiful ------------------------ 1:12 pm ------------------------

HIM: That's a hard question to answer ------------------------ 1:15 pm ------------------------

ME: I know

ME: Thts why im askin ------------------------ 1:20 pm ------------------------

ME: Im curious about what u find beautiful

HIM: You ever seen the movie the home of the brave?

ME: No ------------------------ 1:22 pm ------------------------

ME: I can look it up though, what about it ------------------------ 1:27 pm ------------------------

HIM: Samuel l jacksons wife in the movie

HIM: Is a beautiful woman

HIM: She is older but you will get the idea

ME: Ok

ME: Lemmie look ------------------------ 1:31 pm ------------------------

ME: Victoria Rowell

ME: Ok

ME: Can u think of any others?

ME: And what do u think is the diff between beautiful and just pretty?

HIM: What do u think of her

ME: She's pretty

HIM: Pretty can be done at a moments notice

HIM: Beauty lasts throughout the ages ------------------------ 1:39 pm ------------------------

HIM: Lisa raye ------------------------ 1:41 pm ------------------------

HIM: Alicia keys ------------------------ 1:44 pm ------------------------

ME: Gotcha

HIM: That makes sense ------------------------ 1:46 pm ------------------------

ME: ok now the difference between beautiful and sexy... ------------------------ 2:05 pm ------------------------

HIM: Huh?

ME: What do u think the difference is...I mean u can be sexy but not beautiful ------------------------ 2:24 pm ------------------------

HIM: Sexy is more of looks and the way u dress and how u interact

HIM: Jada pinkett was sexy

ME: Was?

ME: Lol

HIM: Yeah was

ME: She's not anymore?

HIM: She don't have that sex appeal anymore

ME: Hmmmm

ME: Ok

ME: So who do u think is sexy?

HIM: Keri hilson

HIM: Hands down like six thirty

ME: Really?

HIM: Yeah

ME: Ok

HIM: She is cute not pretty

HIM: But she is sexy

ME: Gotcha

HIM: Lisa raye is beautiful and sexy

ME: True ------------------------ 2:33 pm ------------------------

HIM: Tamia

HIM: Pam from total was sexy

ME: True

HIM: Mc lyte is pretty age seems not to affect her

HIM: Angela basset is on her own level

ME: True again ------------------------ 2:38 pm ------------------------

ME: So if u had to choose one you'd take sexy over beautiful?

HIM: Beautiful

HIM: Sex appeal can fade like I said beauty lasts over ages

ME: You did say that...ok

ME: Makes sense ------------------------ 2:47 pm ------------------------

HIM: Love u ------------------------ 2:49 pm ------------------------

ME: Love u too

Ok so that was the convo...Sexy can fade...Beauty will last...i liked that concept. So yeah...I heart him...


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