Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ok so I feel like I'm in a place right now where I'm learning myself all over again. I guess sometimes it makes me feel a lil scattered and a lil crazy to think about answering the question "Who am I". I mean I know so many "Deep" people...that can talk for hours about who they are and what they're about. The thought alone of trying to do that is so overwhelming to me!! How am I supposed to tell you who I am? Am I supposed to have all that figured out? I'm so many different things, what one term or phrase fits?!
I'm not JUST any one thing...
I'm hood, but I'm prissy
I'm a tomboy, but I'm girly,
I'm a lover AND a fighter
And jealous, but aloof
I'm quiet, but I'm opinionated
I"m silly, but I'm serious
I'm sweats and converse, but I'm heels and tight jeans
I'm hardcore, but I'm a softy
I'm a hopeless romantic, but a stone-cold realist

Dosen't that sound confusing!?

I'm R&B on a rainy day, or blasting hip-hop with my car windows down.

So when you break it down...does it make sense?!

Truly part of me says it dosent even matter if it does. At the end of the day who has to understand me....?

Answer: Shyt I gotta understand me!!

I guess I understand that I don't make sense, lol.

For some reason I guess it just seems like the rest of the worlds got it, while I'm sitting here scratching my head. Maybe it just looks like that because I'm on the idea what everyone else is thinking. And I'm pretty sure I APPEAR to have it aaaaaaaaaaaall together.

HA!, lol

Mannn...I guess I'll get it one day...or maybe never. Maybe its not terrible if I never do.