Sunday, November 16, 2008

Word Vomit...

Random interjection...I watched "Mean Girls" for the gillionth time the other day. I absolutely ADORE that movie.

Moving right along. It's FREEZING, I'm not blogging on specifics right now. I'm just in the mood to type. I was talkin to my Kimmers today on IM ( I know 3 Kim's) this Kim is my NYCDOPEDIVASHOPPINGCLONESUPERM.I.L.FHOMIE. So yeah ...we were doing the whole online shopping thing. My Laptop is very FIRST on my list, and then of course there are like 4 pairs of shoes I must have...I swear I'm destined for greatness. I must be, how else am I gonna be able to afford this nasty shopping habit I seem to have.

Aside from that I was on ebay ( of course) I'm a full believer in everyone "collecting" something...ANYTHING really. I think it keeps u kinda sane.
I have 3 main things I truly do collect.

My Little Pony's (the vintage ones only pls.)
Fafi anything, lol
and alot of Tokidoki stuff...

If u dont know what those are ur 1. Lame as all Hell and need to get out of the house stat! and 2. Need to just look it up!

My reading room is gonna consist of all these collectibles. I don't really know what I'm going to do with all this "stuff" once I get done...maybe pass it on to my daughter if I'm lucky enough to have one... But for now I just enjoy looking at it.

DEUCES til next time Bitches!!

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