Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shook me to my bones...

Ok so I was at work yesterday (I work at a studio). It was Me, Shawn and Terrye. A lady walked up and inquired about doing a photoshoot. I asked Shawn to give her some info. This woman has to be 75 years old literally. She was real frail, real shakey, so Shawn took her into the back and started doing her makeup. When Terrye went in to start shooting her pictures, Shawn came up and told me the woman was a lil...I don't wanna say "off". Well she was just very very OLD. So anyway, Terrye finished the shoot and we had to edit, so she left. I watched her walk out and she looked so confused, just so lost...And the crazy part is ...that as crowded and as hectic as it was yesterday she was alone. I kept thinking "this lady looks like she can barely walk through a crowd let alone drive a car."

So I waled out to get something to drink for me and Terrye, Shawn said see if you see her walking around out there anywhere. So I said ok. I stopped at Chic-fil-a, got us some drinks and some fries for me...and I saw the woman sitting at a table by herself with a little drink and some fries.

When I got back in the studio Shawn asked if I'd seen her out there. I said yeah she's eating. She was like "Alone...thats so sad." She was right though...when I asked her what the lady was taking pics for she said she just wanted a picture of herself. She had lost her husband in 1991, and they'd never had kids together. So she's 79 (i found that out later) And 100% alone. This woman had no one...the thought almost makes me tear up right now thinking about her. I mean I thought about...what if that was MY mom, or what if that was ME...

No kids, no siblings, no husband...she lives alone. That thought shook me so hard. This woman was taking a pic of herself and she had no one to even give it to. "sigh
I don't know if I'm coming across right typing this, but I felt...almost scared for her.

I mean, who does she call when she needs something? Who will notice if something happens to her?

Thats so scarey to me. I sat with her, showed her her pictures, let her pick out the one she wanted and ordered it for her...all the while thinking I just want someone to come help her...Come drive her home, or come help her find the bus.

We were all pretty quiet in there for a bit after she left...I guess we were all thinking all those "what if's" that pop into your heard when you hear about things like that.

I had to come straight home and call my mom. Be thankful for what you have and who you have around you...Some people REALLY and TRUELY aren't that lucky. Just take a second to think...what if you had NO ONE?


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