Monday, November 17, 2008

It Burns...

You ever love so hard it makes your chest burn? Ever felt like you mightve lost that?
Dosent the thought make you totally nauseous?!
" heads throbbing.

And whats worse...the one person that can get you out of feeling this way is the one that got u there to start with? Wtf!?

Talk about fighting a losing battle...My heart hurts, my soul hurts...Ever wonder where the word heart-break comes from? All it takes is for you to feel it one time and you'll know.

Im listening to depressing shyt right now floating somewhere between fear, anger, hurt, and confusion.

I want to talk to him so bad...I mean I'm fighting the whole "pick up the phone" thing. Not because I don't want to talk, but because A. I feel like it may really be a wrap, and B. Because I think we're both too fired up to do anything but make it worse.

Sux really does. I mean..I'm a sense.

I dont know what to think, to feel, or to do...I'm like on pause.

But this pain I'd never wish on anyone...not my worst enemy. It's that deep...

The plan for tonight is to go home..get on my couch, with my depressing ass music, a bottle of wine, and a blanket. I oddly enough don't want to cry...(but the nights young) Think, think, think some more, see if he calls although im 75% sure thats not happening.

Wow...yeah it burns. Burns real real bad.



ANDY FIGZ said...
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frank white said...

damn dude i hate to see you like this, you always got me... keep ya head up